Used executive office desk and credenza
Bowling Green, Kentucky

 December 6, 2016 ,  December 6, 2016

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This is a used executive office desk and credenza in good condition. Lovely items of furniture that make a press release to any Business. Purchase for $ 750 only.

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As business owners we are always looking for ways to save money. Whether you're an office manager or a business owner, you know that buying new office furniture can be extremely expensive. That's why more and more people are turning to used or recycled office furniture to save money while furnishing their offices.

You can save more than 70 percent over the cost of buying new office furniture. Most used office furniture pieces have only been used for a few years (or less) and have minimal wear and tear. Once the price tag is removed, most people cannot tell the difference between a new desk and a used desk.

Reducing environmental impact. When a used wooden office desk is sent to the landfill, it takes years to break down. Melamine faced chipboard has to go to landfill if beyond repair because the surface cannot be separated from the wood chip and therefore contaminates it beyond use. The cost of stripping chairs into their components is high and not all parts can be guaranteed recyclable. By buying used office furniture, you will get a much better deal and help save the planet at the same time.

When you buy new office furniture, the resale value can depreciate to 25 percent or less of the original purchase price over five years. But when you buy used or recycled office furniture, the resale value can remain as high as 75 percent of what you paid for it.

Product durability and life span are receiving increasing attention. Of particular interest are capital items for the office work place, computers, office desks, chairs and storage etc.

When choosing the products the longevity of the product can be factorized into choice. A chair or a desk that lasts 5 years plus is preferable to the cheaper economical model that carry up to a one year life span.

Consider the impact that the cheaper imported item has on the environment, the thousands of container loads being shipped into the USA. In addition to the waste of raw materials and production of waste, there are also environmental impacts in the energy used to create containers and the transportation of the product by sea, air, road.

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Room Home Office/Study
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 3 ft by 6 ft